Sunday, October 3, 2010

the truth about the marine and coastal area bill

I'm just finishing an essay and something has hit home to me. The Marine and Coastal Area Bill actually increases oppression of maori. Just consider - to be told that you have the right now to go to court and argue that you have an unbroken customary relationship with an area - an area that may have been stolen, confiscated, swindled or comodified - so that if in the unlikely event that you are granted 'customary title' you can enjoy the disadvantages of having less rights than other property rights holders. LESS RIGHTS because you are maori! There are no advantages of this Bill for maori - the right to go to court? - for what? to argue against institutional racism and entrenched oppression perhaps but not to get worthless and meaningless fake gains of some made-up designation of title. This Bill is a complete waste of time and money and anyone promoting this Bill is perpetuating and increasing the oppression of maori IMO. (Probably a bit strong - aroha mai)


robertguyton said...

Metiria has been shouting this really loudly Marty and Hone too.
Are you really surprised?

Marty Mars said...

No not surprised but the realisation of the enormity of what is happening and the consequences for maori has caused me to have a wee shudder - thus the post.

We all have lives and things that are attracting our attention. Big issues can be prioritised lower and reach our consciousness less frequently. That is why we need good politicians (like Met) and blogs - (like yours Rob) to keep bringing important issues to the fore and into our awareness.