Tuesday, October 5, 2010

severe splinters

Time to have a big think about john key for the maori party - yes they should have seen it before but let's just hope they see it now. He has very little mana. This is what he has said about the racial insult delivered in front of him, From NZH
"Mr Key wouldn't call the comments racist, instead saying: "I think they were totally inappropriate."
"I'm not going to spend my life critiquing Paul Henry, because if I do I'm going to be doing that at every post-Cabinet press conference I hold."
Mr Key said he would continue to appear on Breakfast in his regular weekly spot.
"I do a lot of interviews with interviewers who do stupid things."
This is the same guy who can't remember which side of the Springbok Tour he was on. Mr personality doesn't actually have a personality, he is wafer-thin, his principles don't exist. This performance rates up there with his gormless act on the letterman show - he has reached 'George Bush and his story reading while the planes crashed' level. As key is saying on the radio, "its all about sending the message." About time the maori party sent a message to key IMO.