Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Brinkmanship - to create immense pressure in a situation until one person or party backs down.

We are at a very critical point for the maori party. The threats have now escalated. First Hone said walk away and let the gnats and act pass the bogus new F&S law. Tariana has added, from NZH,
"...If our constituency says this is not worth our while progressing then of course we wouldn't."
and Pita has voiced his concerns as well...

key has also escalated with his scummy notion of, "the Maori Party did not support the bill the status quo would remain."

We are at one of those pivot points in our history and each pathway forward has risks and rewards. Kaupapa is the only answer - look to the past - our tūpuna, our gods and legends to show the way. Kia kaha.


John said...

Kia ora
Have been reading up on this for an exam on the Waitangi Tribunal rulings. I like your principled approach. Kia kaha tonu, and keep those blogs coming.
Na John

robertguyton said...

Pita and Tariana seem trapped. They are bound to agree and Key will not flinch, though will produce an 'add-on' to relieve any intolerable pressure. Act's carefully constructed insult has satisfied National's strong anti-Maori factions so Key is under no pressure.
It's ugly to be wiped by greed but that's what's causing the issue to be so grotesque - greed from all corners.