Sunday, October 24, 2010

activist MP in action

Hone Harawira's interview with Duncan Garner on The Nation yesterday (23 Oct) was awesome. Go here to watch (only NZ at the moment sorry). garner trys the serious approach first and Hone dominants him, very powerful finger-pointing indeed. garner has prepared a little trap which is so useless it's embarassing to watch. Hone stays in control and delivers his message with honesty, sincerity and mana. Good stuff - some exerpts
Duncan - would you describe yourself as an activist or an MP?
Hone - an activist - an activist before I came in, an activist MP and hopefully an activist still when I get out of parliment.
An activist MP - I like that, we need members of parliment like that and yes sometimes they push the line too far but I'd rather that than meekness. Hone is an activist - he activates and who else within that parliment is going to push maori issues in the same way?
Duncan - hasn't john key stripped your mana from you (the maori party)?
Hone - yeah he has.
The truth is hard sometimes but it has to be faced and then it can be remedied.
Duncan - if it came to a choice (between labour and national after the last election) who would it be?
Hone - the greens... if it come to a choice for me of who we would go into coalition with first , it will always be the greens.
Yes yes yes! - music to my ears. This is the way to go and we are seeing some excellent early activity - yah.

The rest on the interview goes downhill fast as garner tries to get Hone to say something contoversial - what an absolute tosser garner is -, he must be desperate to try, "do you dislike pakeha?" Hone holds it together and answers very well - good work.

Hone showed good composure and his mana was evident. garners weak attempt to goad Hone was pathetic in it's intent and implementation, but it gave hone the chance to explain his position again so that was good.

I respect Hone and his kaupapa - this was a strong performance that bodes well for maori politically.

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robertguyton said...

I couldn't fathom how Garner could be so lame with his questions in this interview!
He's usually seriously biased against the Left, but that's transparent enough, but with Hone, he was simply feeble! I suspect he'd not been given any time or help in preparation for the interview. Hone simply looked out from under those hooded lids and picked him off at his ease.
Hone's indication that Flavell was the most likely successor to Sharples was not encouraging - I like an orator with fire in his belly.