Thursday, October 28, 2010

three wise lefties

I have been following the peter jackson union bashing debate around the hobbit over the blogs with interest. The debate on the left has shifted to a discussion of unionism and what that actually means in terms of the relationship between unions and their members, unions and other unions, and unions and the state. Mr Trotter has a very good post here. Lew from Kiwipolitico has a great post here and now Maps has put a post up here. We now have three very smart left thinking people debating with each other this very important issue - go to the sites and follow the debates - add in your view and maybe also consider this concept of 'support no matter what because of shared values', in relation to maori struggles for tino rangatiratanga.

Update - Lew has posted a retort.


maps said...

I agree with the link you make to tino rangatiratanga Marty. In the same way as we should support the autonomy of a union, regardless of the details of its policies and tactics, when it is besieged and threatened with destruction by the state, the media, and big business, we should support iwi and Maori national organisations when they are subjected to legal, political, or media attacks, even if we disagree with some of the positions of these organisations.

To use an example: I don't support the Maori Party MPs, because of the way they have shacked up with the Nats, but I strongly support the retention of the Maori seats unless Maori decide to do away with.

It's a pity old Chris Trotter can't extend his aroha from the unions to Maori nationalist organisation, eh!

Marty Mars said...

Yes I agree with all of your comment. Solidarity against injustice and inequality must be the bottom line and that is the side I fall on, in every sense.

i'm going to follow your links to read more of Marx and his views on indigenous peoples.

Kia kaha