Monday, October 18, 2010

It has always been about the land

I'm less than convinced by Labour's turnaround to now oppose foreign ownership of NZ - this seems like trying to stake out ground others already have, but maybe they will get some traction from it - I'm into anything which forces this government to adjust their policies. So good luck to them. I do agree with the Greens who say, from TV3
"The Greens say while they’re glad to see a change of intent, they’re not entirely convinced it will make a difference."
For many maori foreign ownership of land is already here and is an effect of colonisation. It is good that this subject is being discussed because it gives us an opportunity to look at the bigger picture of how tangata whenua are treated. To exhalt loudly on foreign ownership, without using the same gusto in addressing maori inequities around land, seems a little shallow and false to me. And the same people who sold so much of our land when in government are still there, still wanting power.

Under our current world view no one would think to perhaps ask maori what they think and what solutions they may be able to offer.

Ka whawhai tonu matou

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