Sunday, October 10, 2010

Pou whenua attacked

More than anything I am sad that these pou whenua have been attacked. I'm waiting to see who may have done it, whoever they are, they have made a big mistake by doing this.

From Stuff
"Two significant Maori artworks near the State Highway 36 entrance to Rotorua have been damaged in a chainsaw attack."
"Pou whenua are carved posts placed strategically on the land to acknowledge and represent the relationship between tgata whenua, the people of the land, their ancestors and their environment or trangawaewae, place of standing.""
"Inspector Bruce Horne said ``This destructive action is not just a mindless act of vandalism - it is an attack on the Rotorua community,''
"The pou were an investment made by the Rotorua community and were placed at the entrance to our city as symbols of the esteem in which our local Iwi are held and the importance of the city's Maori heritage.''
Good luck in sorting this out. When i think of the possible culprits, the list seems long and I cannot work out which of them would be worse.

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