Wednesday, September 29, 2010

a tree is green and brown

I have recently been placed on the māori party press release list and I'm really pleased to recieve the emails detailing what the māori party have been up to. I'm going to post the ones that resonnate because it is important to get a full view of the goings on rather than just the MSM spin - sure these are spin too, but they record what's happening.

For instance this is a good stance by Tariana and the māori party
"Maori Party MP for Te Tai Hauauru Tariana Turia is disappointed that the South Taranaki District Council has dismissed iwi and backed a move to give control of a major water supply to farmers.
"The decision goes against the spirit of this country's most significant freshwater report that was handed to the Government just last week," said Mrs Turia who was referring to the council's decision last night to back a local bill, sponsored by Chester Burrows, giving local landowners control of the Cold Creek Rural Water Supply Scheme.
"The report [from the Land and Water Forum] recommended that councils must engage with iwi about the way in which their water bodies are valued, and to work collaboratively with them and other relevant land and water users.
"I am very sad to hear that the council has sidelined Ngati Ruanui and not engaged them properly.
"The water that ends up in the creek runs from the head of Ngati Ruanui's ancestral mountain, Maunga Taranaki, so they must be included in all major decisions concerning the resource.
"I will be talking to the Minister of Local Government and the Minister for the Environment, to ensure Ngati Ruanui is not left out and that the recommendations of the report are upheld."
The report Land and Water Forum: A Fresh Start for Freshwater looked at freshwater management at local, regional and national levels."
Fighting for the right of māori to be heard and respected, protecting the mana of the people and the mauri of the waterway, showing the hypocracy and injustice around disempowering decisions - this is the role of the māori party. Well done.

 and now, while the pressure is building is the time to take it up a notch - put some olive branches out to the greens and work together on a bill or amendment or protest and opposition. Use the values of manaakitanga to build relations and support. I can't really see much downside - it puts pressure on the gnats thus increasing bargining power, it strengthens a relationship with a potential partner with many shared values, it creates more opportunity to make positive changes in whatever is focused on by using two sets of resources and activists, and it increases mana.

It's time to focus on similarities and connection not differences.


Steve Julian said...

Well here's to a success in your cause (and the party's cause). Sometimes it is a hard go, working towards something with such obstacles to overcome.

Marty Mars said...

Kia ora Steve,

Thanks for your thoughts - I hope that players realise that the positives of working together far outweigh any negatives.

robertguyton said...

Marty - you are correct BUT ...
the Maori Party have tied themselves to the most environmentally destructive and authoritarian party they could possible have found and the damage that is set in place already by the both of them is stunning in it's breadth and depth. The Maori party has not shown that it can rein-in the anti-environment, extractive and exploitive elements of the National Party AT ALL.
I fear they have burned their waka!

Marty Mars said...

That is what they did not what they are.

i can assure you it will not sully the greens if/when they work with the maori party - but there needs to be some changes first, some improvements - no doubt about that.

robertguyton said...

Marty - the Greens, through Metiria Turei, have, to my knowledge, put enormous effort into forming ties that bind with the Maori Party and have been frustrated greatly by the lack of response and resonance. Seems the conservative, exploitive factions dominate the party and give little credence to a brown/green alliance.
I despaired to hear this and don't have faith that it will change while Tariana and Pita eat the wind on the Maori Party waka.
* Disclaimer - I am and have long been a vocal supporter of Hone Harawira.

Marty Mars said...

Good point Rob. It's the maori party that need to put the offer out. They need to decouple from the gnats but they may not be able to at the top. This period will be a real test for the maori party as we move towards the election nad have the fake one-country celebration of the RWC. Will they stand up for the kaupapa or do we need another Mana Motuhake party.