Wednesday, June 8, 2011

you should listen to this nobody

There is some disquiet with the Mana party and Hone in the Maori blogosphere. I also share it because i cannot stand injustice and discrimination. Abusing and dehumanising people because of their sexuality or gender is sick and wrong. Speaking at a conference to get votes is supporting them and what they believe. The bigotry of Destiny Church should be denounced not supported for fucking votes. Let me be quite plain Hone - this is just off mate, this is the sort of thing that will drop Mana before it even gets going. You can't have it both ways - you can't be for equality when you support inequality. It is still possible to step back from this (hopefully) and it will take a statement from you Hone saying you were wrong and declaring not to do it again. I know, I know - who the hell am I to be saying all that - well I'm a nobody, just a blogger, like these bloggers

Ana at Whenua Fenua Enua Vanua who has published Dr Leonie Pihama's statement (below) and made many true comments on the blogs below
The scenes of Pita Sharples, Hone Harawira, Tau Henare and Shane Jones lining up to be ‘blessed’ and to hear their platitudes of thanks to a homophobic and misogynist institution is not merely disturbing it is sickening. We should never forget the ‘enough is enough’ hate marches instigated by Destiny Church. We should never forget the kinds of hate speeches that Māori gay and lesbian whānau were bombarded with during the Civil Union debate, and the ongoing homophobia that Destiny Church leaders and members continue to openly express with both fervor and hatred.
The Destiny Church should not be supported by Maori politicians, it should be criticised and ostracised from the Maori political debate.  We, as Maori men, need to realise that just as it is not ok to hit our partners or our children, nor is it ok to hate others because of their sexual orientation.  Sadly, our political leaders did not live up to that ideal over the weekend.
Seven years ago, parliament removed some legal discrimination against same-sex relationships. Thousands of Destinites marched to parliament in protest. I will not forget the righteous arrogance of those Destinites who threatened, pushed, hit, spat at, and generally abused those few who dared to stand for queer solidarity that day. Naively, I had hoped Mana would take the opportunity to stand with us last night.
I am disappointed with Hone Harawira. He should not, as a matter of principle, be appearing before these fundamentalists. After all Hone perpetuates the notion that he is a principled politician. I guess it is a matter of definition. I read Destiny Church as a toxic ideological cult that actively encourages discrimination against Takatapui and, through a bigoted patriarchal system, encourages discrimination against Wahine.
 Strong comments from all of these bloggers. Listen to them Mana Party, listen to these voices.


Ana said...

Kia Ora Marty Tautoko

many long term maori activists I know are gutted with Hone's support of the Destiny church, its going to cost them party votes come the general election.

Shane Jones (I think) makes a mention of the Maori BLogsphere in the piece on Campbell live last night

brunette said...
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Anonymous said...

Well said - you always speak from teh heart - we admire that > Busted Blonde

pollywog said...

yeah, dunno about costing votes come election time... quickly we forget

Anonymous said...

Too much, cheers!!!