Monday, June 6, 2011

relativity clause

The Otago daily Times has a good article on their OIA enquiries about the latest 'relativity clause' statement which relates to the settlements of both Ngāi Tahu and Tainui. Some will argue that the clause shouldn't apply but they are wrong. Consider that the economic losses caused by the Crown purchases of Ngāi Tahu land is estimated to be valued at over 20 Billion and the Crown's Settlement Offer was $170 million. Enough said really.

The Office of Treaty Settlements declined to release the latest relativity clause statement, which the Otago Daily Times requested under the Official Information Act. Director Peter Galvin confirmed the clauses were likely to be triggered in the next one or two years, and the latest statement "does not differ significantly" from the previous period. "As we draw nearer to the triggering of the relativity mechanisms, the need for confidentiality among the parties to the relativity mechanism contracts increases."
What is the relativity clause from Ngāi Tahu's point of view
A special 'top-up' mechanism - a form of 'insurance' called the Relativity Clause - was also negotiated. Under this mechanism, if the value of all Treaty settlements between 1994 and 2044 ends up being more than $1 billion, then Ngāi Tahu will be entitled to a top-up payment to ensure its position is maintained relative to other tribes that settle.
This awesome graphic explains how it works

Relativity Clause
I hope this is sorted sooner rather than later. This relativity clause maintains fairness and with the rebuild of Ōtautahi/Christchurch beginning and the significant influence of Ngāi Tahu in that rebuild, additional pūtea will be welcome. Ngāi Tahu are exercising and strengthening rangatiratanga, manaakitanga and whānaungatanga as they lead and coordinate the support for the people and the rebuild of the city and communities.

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