Wednesday, June 1, 2011


What's the time Mr Wolf, what's the time.

Good articles on the attack on our most vulnerable.

Gordon Campbell
If John Key is the face of moderation, there’s not much room left on the margins for the extremism of Don Brash. “Moderation” evidently means asset sales, tax breaks for the rich, cuts to government spending, a view that public services are “unsustainable” and unaffordable” plus – as Key indicated at yesterday’s post -Cabinet press conference - forced contraception for women on benefits as an idea worthy of further consideration. If you can get all that from the smiling face of “moderation” who needs the Act Party?

Sue Bradford
I sincerely hope that over the next few months the majority of New Zealanders won’t continue to be fooled by John Key’s crocodile smile.  Underneath, sadly, he has the soul and aspirations of an investment banker – a heart of darkness.
 In both of these articles the spin and bullshit from key is exposed. He is oblivious to the truth and is committed to this agenda. What's the time Mr Wolf? 

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