Thursday, June 23, 2011

highly toxic waste oil spilled

What a disaster that this truck has crashed and spilled its 24,000 litres load of highly toxic waste oil into the Awakino River. 


Waikato Regional Council spokesman David Stagg said
The oil would definitely have detrimental effects on the ecosystem of the popular whitebaiting river, he said. "Waste oil in the river will not be any good for it and will cause some degree of harm," he said. "Unfortunately in the gorge area, because of the swift nature of the river, there's no opportunity to contain it."
Mr Stagg didn't know what type of waste oil the truck had been carrying. "It may be from vehicles or it may include other materials and some of those things can be more toxic than the waste oil itself."
Who knows? Someone hopefully but the spill cannot be contained in the fast flowing river in the gorge - the highly toxic waste oil is in the system now and all we can do is mitigate the effects.  The more oil we bring up the more likely that accidents and disasters can occur. The more we stick our heads in the sand about oil and petrol and the whole industry the harder the shock will be when that lifestyle and world breaks down, as it has already begun to.

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Zia Wolf-Sun said...

Nasty stuff oil...pollutes environments and ecosystems...starts illegal wars...the very word strikes me as toxic at times. This accident is very sad news. It is my most sincere hope that this toxic waste oil can be contained with the minimum of damage to life and environment.