Thursday, June 16, 2011

believe in Mana

Good call by the Northern Arm of Ratana in organising a hikoi in support of Hone. Their reasons are compelling

“The Northern Arm of Ratana support Hone in his endeavours to help our people. Contrary to what is being said, we believe that MANA is the vehicle to unite all people who are struggling, who are impoverished, who cannot find that life-line in the major political parties. If they have the courage to stand up for those rights, it will be a voice that will need to be noticed. Hone is the only candidate in the Te Tai Tokerau By-Election who is aware of what the issues are for our people, who knows what needs to be done about the, and who is committed to ensuring that something is done about it. Our movement has spoken – we will help Hone Harawira in his quest to lay down the foundation of a new political party that carries our people’s hopes, dreams and aspirations”.
That is a statement of truth and integrity.

Danyl at the Dimpost has an interesting post up about the Māori TV survey and Duncan Garner’s comment that many supporters of Hone are not enrolled to vote. The comments on the post are interesting with noted commenters discussing how it is possible for the survey to have been done, based on a database of eligible voters – and find that some of the respondents are not eligible to vote. Very fishy indeed.

Believe - we can make it happen, it is happening now. Hone and Mana are real and with the agenda of the gnats out there, the need for them has never been stronger. BELIEVE and get to the mahi - people power will make it all happen.

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