Thursday, June 2, 2011

Great blogs

I just want to highlight some blogs that i have added to my blogroll and a couple that i visit frequently.

Māori blogs are really going well. I have added Quite Interested which is very interesting and comes from a 'National supporter' viewpoint. 
A blog about things that interest, annoy and excite me with a focus on general and iwi politics in New Zealand, by a well travelled Maori professional.
And because that is a politically 'right' blog, and i am a very 'left' blog i've moved roarprawn and BB into here too, even though I generally have the opposite view to her.

Another Māori blog I like is Maori Law and Politics. I often disagree with Joshua but it is so great to have voices in the blogosphere to disagree with.
Welcome to Maori Law and Politics, a site for the discussion of issues relation to law, politics, and policy within Te Ao Maori.
Morgan at Maui Street is such a fantastic voice for Māori. His success is well deserved and his mana is evident. I hope Hone is having a word - he'd be a great Mana Party MP - he is man with a massive future. His latest post is so on the money.
I am disappointed with Hone Harawira. He should not, as a matter of principle, be appearing before these fundamentalists. After all Hone perpetuates the notion that he is a principled politician. I guess it is a matter of definition. I read Destiny Church as a toxic ideological cult that actively encourages discrimination against Takatapui and, through a bigoted patriarchal system, encourages discrimination against Wahine.

I visit Robb at Musings from Aotearoa often, and for a while he took a break from blogging. He has started again and his writing is as evocative, as honest and brilliant as ever. He weaves many threads together and I found this latest post, Hokia ki nga maunga (Return to the Mountains) really affected me.
I am once again in the back yard of Top Maropea gazing down the valley and mist shrouded peaks above it. This time, however, I will be venturing further into those alluring views. The next five days will be spent roaming about with my oldest son, who returns here after almost a two year absence from the hills
So many great sites and awesome voices. Go and visit them and read their back catalogue, it will be well worth it.

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How many of you actually speak Maori?