Wednesday, June 15, 2011

solar flare politics

There is a solar flare coming to politics in this country and it is called the Mana Party. Now I don't agree with everything Hone does, not by a long shot, but I do back him and his policies and the Mana Party. Hone has bounced an idea of a Māori Parliament where members from all sides work together for Māori interests. 

He said the power of the Maori voice in Parliament was diluted because Maori MPs were spread across parties and had to stick to party lines. "The trouble is that there are 20 of us and 19 are too scared to stand up. There are some very talented Maori MPs in there, but they are locked in to their parties and so they just go quiet. Well, I don't think anyone elected us to go quiet." 
I have entertained this idea and it certainly has merits - if it could be achieved. And that is where I get into some problems because members of a Party owe their allegiance firstly to the Party. There is no choice unless you want to walk as we have seen some do. Most don't walk, they have gone quietly. But people change and who knows - I can't see any harm in trying - I'd love to be wrong.

I'm not sure why Hone has raised the issue now - seems like there are other important issues to put out there. It does contribute to a more statesmanlike approach I suppose. 

For me rather than a Māori Parliment, at this time i'd like to see The Mana Party grow in strength and became so influencial that these other politicians will see that the kaupapa is tika and the way forward. Then they can join and help paddle the waka.

The Mana Party has a mauri of it's own and it is attracting people who believe in the kaupapa. Hone is the inspirational leader no doubt, he has the mana and the people are rightly following him. But the Mana Party is not Hone - they are intertwined yet seperate: the burst of energy that causes a solar flare is connected yet discrete.

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