Friday, November 19, 2010

we will and we won't

It is too much, I suppose, for key the prime minister, to realise what Ngati Kahu are protesting about in Taipa. He says,
Mr Key said the Popata brothers, who are nephews of Maori Party MP Hone Harawira, are trying to paint the occupation as a protest relating to the foreshore and seabed issue, when it is clearly not.

I don't think they are doing that at all. their protest is quite specific to the land they want back. Obviously that land is on the foreshore and seabed - that is the connection. Get used to it key, this is just the beginning. The threats are what maori have heard for many years, they are nothing new. 
Prime Minister John Key says the occupation of land at Taipa in the Far North could damage the Treaty settlement process.
"If there's a genuine claim there," he said, "then the right track is to take that up with the negotiations minister and his team."

Yes that is what you want; that maori fit within your little box and follow your rules designed for your purposes. We will follow the process and we won't. You already have the land but time will bring it back and generations if necessary.
Radio NZ


robertguyton said...

Authoritarians use that ploy regularly Marty - 'work through the appropriate channels, use the language we require, follow the process and give us complete control over the situation.
These 'protesters' are not toeing the line!


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