Wednesday, November 17, 2010

i didn't mean what I wanted you to think I meant

I dunno about you, but the term "dumb arse coconut" does seem like an insult rather than pacifika humour to me  - but if a pacifika person says it about another pasifika person - what then? I don't think I'd like "dumb arse hori" for instance. It is worth watching the video to see that the easiest way to go is to just say, "Yes, that was wrong, I made a mistake, I am sorry and I apologise to everyone offended by my poor comment."

Go here to watch the video on TV3.

Hat tip - Kiwiblog


Steve Julian said...

There's "in house" humour that we all do. Like we call each other savages, but let an outsider say that, and we would not stand for it. There is also in house insults as well. Apple is a big one, which implies that you are like a whiteman/woman. I wonder if coconut is like that?

Marty Mars said...

It could be steve - there are a lot of those 'brown on the outside and white on the inside' lines. I always thought coconut was used because of the pacific islands and the coconut trees.
The context here is a by-election where candidates are after the pasifica votes. One supporter of a candidate commenting on another supporter from another party, both supporters pasifica peoples.