Friday, November 26, 2010

fish off the rocks mate

You have to laugh at the absurdity of this - A russian billionaire wants to build a 230m concrete path across coastal rocks so he can go deep-sea fishing from his Northland getaway during his twice-yearly visits. He wants to be able to get his quad bike down there and will paint it natural colours - so it will blend in. At the end of the path will be a pontoon - 4 metres by 14 metres. He is a bit of a keen fisherman apparently.

So who opposes this and why
From NZH

The Department of Conservation and Historic Places Trust are opposing the resource consent application to build the path and a floating pontoon.They say the plan will have more than minor effects on the environment and is contrary to parts of the Resource Management Act.
the Northland Regional Council is recommending it be approved
I wonder if tangata whenua have been consulted because if not then that needs to happen ASAP. I hope this grotesque vanity will not be built and that the russian billionaire enjoys this place the way it is rather than remolding it.

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robertguyton said...

Will he fit a sound-making device to the exhaust of his quad-bike, that makes braying noises like a penguin, so that when he blats down for a bit of a deep sea fish, he'll 'blend in' with the ocean environment?
Heehawww heeehaaawww!
What an ass!