Thursday, November 25, 2010

29 miners lost - RIP


Conrad John Adams, 43, Greymouth, New Zealand
Malcolm Campbell, 25, Greymouth, Scottish
Glen Peter Cruse, 35, Cobden, New Zealand
Allan John Dixon, 59, Runanga, New Zealand
Zen Wodin Drew, 21, Greymouth, New Zealand
Christopher Peter Duggan, 31, Greymouth, New Zealand
Joseph Ray Dunbar, 17, Greymouth
John Leonard Hale, 45, Ruatapu, New Zealand
Daniel Thomas Herk, 36, Runanga, New Zealand
David Mark Hoggart, 33, Foxton, New Zealand
Richard Bennett Holling, 41, Blackball, New Zealand
Andrew David Hurren, 32, Greymouth, New Zealand
Jacobus (Koos) Albertus Jonker, 47, Cobden, South Africa
William John Joynson, 49, Dunollie, Australia
Riki Steve Keane, 28, Greymouth, New Zealand
Terry David Kitchin, 41, Runanga, New Zealand
Samuel Peter Mackie, 26, Greymouth, New Zealand
Francis Skiddy Marden, 41, Runanga, New Zealand
Michael Nolan Hanmer Monk, 23, Greymouth, New Zealand
Stuart Gilbert Mudge, 31, Runanga, New Zealand
Kane Barry Nieper, 33, Greymouth, New Zealand
Peter O’Neill, 55, Runanga, New Zealand
Milton John Osborne, 54, Ngahere, New Zealand
Brendan John Palmer, 27, Cobden, New Zealand
Benjamin David Rockhouse, 21, Greymouth, New Zealand
Peter James Rodger, 40, Greymouth, British
Blair David Sims, 28, Greymouth, New Zealand
Joshua Adam Ufer, 25, Australia
Keith Thomas Valli, 62, Winton, New Zealand.

The loss of these 29 men will ripple for ever. Arohanui to family, friends and the coast community.


Steve Julian said...

A sad thing. Sad for all the families and friends over there. My nephew works underground over here as well. You never think of it happening. It always happens to someone else. That someone else is a person with family too.

Zia Wolf-Sun said...

Tragic waste of lives...about time we found better ways to mine the bowels of the earth or infintely better ways to rescue people when disasters like this happen. If not we should not be sending them underground to do a job we would likely as not not contemplate doing ourselves.