Tuesday, November 9, 2010

T-shirts are insult - BB

Busted Blonde has a provocative post up about the T-shirts for the RWC. I'm not so worked up about this although I have to say 'ka mate' does nothing for me - it's not my haka. Every iwi has histories of fighting and enemies - that is a given. What to do about them - that is the question. Most iwi have histories of infighting, where brother killed brother - certainly Ngai Tahu whanui have plently of those stories - do we hold the emnity tight and foster it? The lamentations of the fallen are still ringing in our ears, utu demands reciprocity - how do we fufill those obligations in today's world?

Hat tip - Roarprawn


robertguyton said...

Ka mate

'be dead'

nice t-shirt.

robertguyton said...

I suppose kia mate is 'be dead'.
Ka mate - 'it is death'
Either way, charming!