Saturday, November 20, 2010

Littletunes Studio - music for the people by the people

I've got a mate who is a gifted musican. He has set up Littletunes which is a great concept. Take a group of young people for a couple of days, get them playing instruments, writing lyrics and singing. record and cut it together to make a song, video it and give the band and parents a copy. It really is amazing to see the results, music is such a universal language. An offshoot of Littletunes is the work Sam does with people of mixed ability . These videos show the fun and enjoyment of the process, in this case a weekend workshop. Many people are doing much in our society to make it better and increase the opportunities, especially in releasing creativity. Good on you mate.

Littletunes - music for the people by the people

Those songs will ring in your head, they are catchy and atmospheric and the sentiments of "got to be lazy" and "are you ready for a good time" say it all. Send me or Sam an email if you'd like to consider the talents of Littletunes to help your group, Sam works with children, youth, mixed ability people and teams within communities and organisations to release creativity, improve self esteem, and connect and strenghten teams.

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