Friday, August 6, 2010

unemployed maori - our shame

The facts speak for themselves and the facts show that maori continue to be at the bottom of the pile. This must be addressed, this is just not good enough.
Unemployment by ethnic group:

Pakeha: 4.4 per cent
Maori: 16.4 per cent
Pacific Island: 14.1 per cent
Asian: 10.5 per cent
Pita Sharples - don't worry about flying a maori flag over the prisons to improve morale (stupid idea) look to your Maori Job Summit - how many jobs for maori came out of that? None - waste of time.
"Maori Party co-leader Pita Sharples said the Maori unemployment figures were shocking.“It’s terrible, that’s about all you can say really,” he told reporters. If there are no jobs there are no jobs.
That is all we are expecting from pita as supporters of this government - nothing.


toad said...

Over at the Dim-Post Danyl is suggesting that a couple hundred Tino Rangatiratanga flags flying over MSD offices might fix the problem.

Marty Mars said...

Yes I saw that - MSD indeed - I am not sure of the satirical point he is making when using that ministry when sharples was talking about flags over prisons - hmmm maybe I'm too sensitive.

Marty Mars said...

got it now...

as a flag will reduce numbers of maori in prison so it will reduce maori unemployment

I'm not only too sensitive but also satire-short