Monday, August 23, 2010


Social Development Minister Paula Bennett has given Iwi leaders a real tongue lashing but her attack is fake. Blaming maori for negaitive statistics, telling them to fix it out of tiny settlements (paid out as compensation for crown cheating and lying), and not providing any resources is just maori bashing and it deviates us from actually working on solutions.

From Radio NZ
"Maori leaders have been told to face up to the fact Maori babies and children are being beaten, abused and killed. They have also been told to pay up in order to help it stop."
"Ms Bennett told iwi leaders to put their hands in their own pockets and commit to a joint effort. Ms Bennett told them 'the Government does not have all the money right now.'"
Isn't it the job of the government to provide support and services to its citizens? Since when is it okay for the minister to say to a social group that it is your problem, fix it - and then not provide any resources to address the problem.

The negative statistics attributed to maori is a result of government policy not because of any 'lack' from maori. The child abuse statistics must be reduced for all groups in society but that won't happen by attacking particular groups. And it won't happen while tight resources are withheld. To say to iwi leaders that they should use additional parts of tiny settlements to do the governments job is untenable and unrealistic and is just politics - not actually addressing the issue - spin, a softening up... for what?


Marty Mars said...

Anonymous said...
The reason why Maori figure so prominently in negative stats, all an offspin of poverty, is because of colonisation.Our economic base (the land) was stolen and swindled from us and we've been impoverished ever since.It's pakeha we should blame - not everyday ordinary hard working pakeha, but pakeha legislaters, politicians, business elites etc. Yes, individuals have responsibility for their own choices and actions, but blaming that on Iwi and expecting them to use their hard won treaty settlement monies to clean up a problem caused by colonisation, is the height of arrogance, racism and pure hatred and meanspiritedness. Imagine being inside Bennet's head when she has such vile thoughts?! Iwi, spend your monies on Maori development and projects that will increase the value of those monies. Let the Government bear the cost of its crap policies. (yes I know that means the taxpayer, but at the moment half those taxpayers support such policies - they voted National in!!)

August 25, 2010 11:19 AM

Anonymous said...

Marty, in my view you are right and wrong. It is governments responsibility to provide funding for what Paula Bennett seeks; it should not come out of iwi settlements. Ngai Tahu would have been well placed to provide such services had not Tahu Potiki disbanded NT Development Corporation. Had NTDC been allowed to evolve and enhance opportunities, NT could have been leading the way in the area of social development. A major opportunity,lost. And the biggest loss of NT people employed within the NT group.
As it is we have Whanau Ora an initiative with good intentions, but will, in my view, fail. Too many of the usual faces involved in other aborted programs, and not accountable to iwi.
One can hope that PB's message to iwi leaders will bring progress. But there seems to be a disconnect between PB's message and the aim of Whanau Ora

Marty Mars said...

Kia ora Richard,

It is a very interesting point about bennetts speech and whanau ora. I have not heard anything from the maori party on this.