Wednesday, August 25, 2010

running free

Frog at Frogblog has some great news about the Nevis River.
"A special tribunal has agreed to a variation on the Kawarau Water Conservation Order that would prohibit the damming of the Nevis river , a tributary of the Kawarau. The variation was sought by Fish & Game back in 2008.
One of the key factors in the tribunal’s decision was the recent discovery of a rare species of galaxiid known as the Gollum Galaxias in the Nevis, the only place it has been found in Otago.
It has been eyed up for a hydro dam by Pioneer Generation for years, but now thanks to the efforts of Fish & Game, and of course the Gollum Galaxias, it will run free forever."
Thank you Fish & Game.


robertguyton said...

I'm pretty happy for the little fishes too Marty, though there has been a lot of damage done to that river through gold mining activities in the past, far and recent.
I walked through the Nevis twice, tears ago, once in bare-feet! and got a close-up look at what's there. I got snowed into a whare for two nights and while I was there, heard what I thought was a bat leaving through a partly opened window at night. Not sure that it was, just assumed. There are also some fabulously hairy, dep red gooseberries growing in the stony soils of the Nevis, though I doubt their presence would stay the dam-builders. Thank goodness for the little hobbit-gone-bad!

robertguyton said...

Meant 'years' ago, though there was some pain!
'Deep' red (sorry Johny)

Marty Mars said...

Awesome Rob - it's memories like yours that keep the river alive.