Tuesday, August 3, 2010

big lights tonight

Ahhh - the sunspot cycle starting up. The sunspot cycle is around 11 years - from high to high. The souther you are, the better the view - wish i was deep south but top of the south is going to be great.

From Stuff
"Massive sun flares which have sent a wave of solar supercharged gas toward Earth are expected to reach New Zealand later today, NASA warns.
The first visual effects could be on display tonight with a display of Aurora Australis or Southern Polar lights."
Get ready for a light show - it will drag you away from the TV, it will drag you away from your light interiors, you will gravitate towards the dark, the night. And within the night many things become manifest. An opportune time to think.


robertguyton said...

Thanks for the head's up marty! I'm right on the South Coast and the skies are as clear as can be.
Mind if I hat-tip you and post the message on my blog?
I'll write up a report of what I saw, tomorrow

Marty Mars said...

All good rob - will be good to get a report from you from paradise.

robertguyton said...

Marty - I went out around 10, the skies were clear, the Milky Way/Te Mangō Roa strewn acoss the heavens, shooting stars, the booming of the waves against Te Takutai o te Titi, but...nothing in the way of a colourful display. I'm not giving up and expect tonight or sometime in the next few days to deliver. 'Stuff' takes time to arrive from Tama-nui-te-ra. I'll be waiting.