Friday, August 27, 2010

I'll tell you what is important to you

Isn't it the fundamental right of a child to be bought up within their culture. If māori birth parents adopt (foster or some other mechanism) the child to pākehā but then decide that it is important that their child be bought up within their māori culture what do you think the High Court should determine?
From NZH
"The biological parents of a two-year-old girl have lost a legal battle to have their daughter raised in a Maori family.
The biological father wanted the girl brought up in her own culture, but the High Court this week ruled in favour of the care couple.
They were granted primary care but must ensure the girl has continuing contact with her birth family and raise her to know her Maori roots."
I just can't see that being good enough.
"Justice Warwick Gendall said "As taonga, children are to be treated with respect, responsibility, love and care by all members of the group.The court had to consider what was best for the child now."
Which group? what does respect and responsibility mean when this decision, about māori, is made by a legal system that barely recognises māori values. How can pakeha decide what is best for māori?

The cost to the child and our communities by this decison really make me feel very sad.

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