Saturday, August 21, 2010


No one gets worked up about a politician lying or spinning, but the public do frown upon complete incompetance and hidden agendas. So when brownlee said, (From NZH)
"the Government and Petrobras were aware of environmental concerns - particularly soon after the Gulf of Mexico industrial accident and oil spill - but he was comfortable with the company's "sensitive" approach to its work and legislation was being worked on in terms of environmental requirements needed to be put in place in New Zealand's exclusive economic zone."
what he really meant is the opposite because there was no work on safety or the environment - they weren't even considered and that fact, along with the non-discussions with maori, show the make up of the man brownlee. He is crudegerry.
"Documents obtained by Radio New Zealand under the official information show the decision to award the permit was made on technical and economic grounds and did not consider safety or environmental factors.
Petrobras was required to show it would use good oil field practices.
Energy and Resources Minister Gerry Brownlee said specific environmental requirements did not need to be considered until drilling began.
Lets get real - brownlee pimp's our country and its resources to anyone and everyone. He doesn't care about the environment or maori concerns - they didn't even enter his head. He cares about money - for himself and his mates - and the country can just be exploited and desecrated willy nilly. No one is going to forget your role in selling our futures - brownlee, don't worry about that crudegerry.


Anonymous said...

The reason why Maori figure so prominently in negative stats, all an offspin of poverty, is because of colonisation.Our economic base (the land) was stolen and swindled from us and we've been impoverished ever since.It's pakeha we should blame - not everyday ordinary hard working pakeha, but pakeha legislaters, politicians, business elites etc. Yes, individuals have responsibility for their own choices and actions, but blaming that on Iwi and expecting them to use their hard won treaty settlement monies to clean up a problem caused by colonisation, is the height of arrogance, racism and pure hatred and meanspiritedness. Imagine being inside Bennet's head when she has such vile thoughts?! Iwi, spend your monies on Maori development and projects that will increase the value of those monies. Let the Government bear the cost of its crap policies. (yes I know that means the taxpayer, but at the moment half those taxpayers support such policies - they voted National in!!)

Marty Mars said...

Great comment anon - I have added it to the bennett post too.