Tuesday, September 18, 2012

undo the gag

What a half-wit John Key the Prime Minister is - do you think this remark is off the cuff?

On his way into caucus at Parliament this morning he was asked about the unity around the water issue at the national hui last week called by King Tuheitia.
He suggested that from the media reports he had seen there wasn't unity.
"There are kind of more positions than Lady Gaga's got outfits."
I don't, I think it was deliberate. The point of the comment? To trivialise Māori and their belief systems. You see I don't agree with sharples that key is culturally ignorant - I mean of course he is, but like the banks affair, he is choosing to be. He isn't ignorant - no it is much worse than that - he is deliberately ignorant or choosing to be ignorant. And why would someone do this? It's all about the court case now - the hui that noone will attend, the public statements and the quips - he even says it here, it is a strategy. Key is a bankster he gets a buzz from riding the edge and he is going to ride this one all the way in. So why is he a half-wit? His deliberate ignorance is not an advantage it is a weakness and the more he speaks, the more that weakness is revealed. He thinks he is smarter than he really is - but he isn't.


Simon Lambert said...

I think much of the world's political leadership assume their personal wealth is some sort of evidence that they are a) more intelligent than the rest of us (let's call us the 99%) and b)somehow more worthy of power because of this.

If it actually worked, i.e., the world was safer, we had secure employment, the water was clean, kids weren't hungry and so on, I'd leave them be.

But things are bad in Aotearoa/NZ and getting worse. We're taking our kids to the protest tomorrow over the Chch schools plan. We want them to be aware of their obligations as citizens in a democracy and the collective power that can be asserted when we unite.

It's a paradox: nothing will change quickly but the change when it comes will be breathtakingly fast!

Marty Mars said...

Kia ora Simon - so true mate so true, and that paradox is very interesting to contemplate.