Friday, September 14, 2012

1500 a moment to reflect

Well I thought I would just take a moment to reflect. This post is number 1500 which seems significant somehow. There have been 1415 comments and for everyone who has commented thank you, and also of course to all those who have read the posts. I started blogging Sunday 22 March 2009 - just about three and a half years ago! I started the blog for lots of reasons and one was I made a blog that I wanted to read, about the subjects I thought were important and weren't being discussed enough or at all. I thought like minded people would find the blog and that has happened and i'm really grateful and humbled by that. So thank you again. The most popular post is water tiger, I'm pretty sure because of the picture, but it's ironic nevertheless. Although I can be scathing on some politicians, I'm really more interested in building communities and bringing people together - that's another purpose of the blog. When I started there weren't many blogs that discussed Māori issues from a Māori perspective, thankfully there are now, and most are displayed down the side of this blog - they are all great and I love them all - even when I disagree with the writer. Indigenous blogs are there too and they are so important because they show our connection, our issues and struggles, our successes and victories are the same. That is my binding belief - that we are all equal and deserve and demand equality. That is why I put the left blogs and other blogs on my blogroll - they all relate to that concept. I have learned much from those blogs and they are there partly to make it easier for me to go and read their latest posts. I know - me, me, me... it's hard to write it any other way, I promise. And the truth is you cannot write blog after blog unless you are getting something from it. I am, and it is the connection with you the readers, as well as the self-centred but necessary enjoyment of being able to say what I want (within reason of course). I know most of you understand because you have your own blogs. As I said at the beginning this is a reflection but I do want to keep it brief.

Blogging means a lot to me and I feel that I've learned so much and that I've been given so much. I'll continue to blog about things that catch my eye and try in my idealistic way to make the world a better place - I must - for my son and all of us - past, present and future.


Morgan Godfery said...

What an awesome milestone! The Maori blogosphere owes you a lot - you led the charge and for a long time you were our only voice, and a strong voice at that.

It was Mars 2 Earth that gave me inspiration to start Maui Street and for that I thank you.

Nga mihinui e te rangatira

keep up the good work!

Ruahines said...

Kia ora Marty,
Congrats and well dopne on the perserverance, sweat, and toil involved. I too have been inspired here.
Kia kaha,

Marty Mars said...

Thanks guys - you both inspire me too so the circle is complete.