Friday, September 7, 2012

saying less

I am not a fan of the term Hone has used – house nigger is not a term that anyone should use in my opinion – unless you are Malcolm X and you say house negro. I think it was a mistake from Hone and a worry too. There is no need to go into that type of insult – it doesn’t make any difference apart from increasing the notoriety of Hone – and that is playing into their hands because they love demonising him, and any reason is a good reason – so why do it? I really can’t see any reason other than publicity and that sits wrong with me. The alternative is that Hone has so little control over himself that he just cannot think or speak strategically and I just don’t believe that.

Everything is going okay and the Mana movement is building – cut the bullshit Hone and get on with the job e hoa.

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