Friday, September 14, 2012

now is the time and this is the place

Many have said that water will become a defining issue for the people of the world and here in Aotearoa that is manifesting right now. Māoridom have attended the hui called by King Tuheitia at Ngaruawahia and they have agreed on some principles.

... overwhelmingly backed a resolution calling on the Government to halt the sale of power company shares until it had thrashed out a framework recognising Maori proprietary rights in water.
It also backed a resolution for that framework to be agreed before iwi and hapu enter into negotiations with the Crown over their water claims - and warned they could test the case in court if the Government worked around it.
Finally, it agreed that Maori should speak with one voice on the issue - a new body representing Maori interests across the spectrum will be set up to spearhead the negotiations instead.
Yes there are issues to resolve within the Māori nation to achieve this united front, this speaking with one voice, but it will be done because that is the kaupapa when faced with threat and this is a defining issue for this country and a threat to Māori mana. I have stated a few times that Māori are just not going to take the same old bullshit that has happened for years. The time is now, the line in the sand is here. We hold and fight here, for this.

This process is mana-enhancing for iwi and hapū, this is what our Tūpuna fought for and this is what we will fight for, so that our tamariki don't have to.

Mā te kotahitanga e whai kaha ai tātou - in unity we have strength.


Anonymous said...

kia ora Marty

the problem with the call for unity is that there are so many underlying agendas. The NZMC is seeking relevance, their lawyers want to create a new vehicle to fund lawyers (now legal aid is constrained) thus selling us out on what matters (the health of the wai), Tuku has no tribal mandate so he is looking for a platform and using the Kingitanga to be relevant and he wants to sell out for cash or shares and a seat on the board of a MOM for him, the Mana Party want to stop assets sales (nothing wrong with that)but it is in reality not linked to what happens down on the marae as we try to deal with the degradation of the wai and the effect of intensification of land use

Strangely enough, the much maligned (elite) iwi leaders group are the only ones looking to get a comprehensive range of solutions that will deliver better outcomes for the wai itself - they are the ones who have faced down the stakeholders via the LAWF process to ensure our values are enshrined in the new framework - they have invested their own resources in the longer conversation on behalf of all iwi and their respective marae for about 5 years now.

There is no easy solution - but if we are to unite let it be for the benefit of our wai and not for the egos and agendas of the few unelected opportunists who do not have to go home and tell their people how winning a cash settlement or some shares is good for them.

Marty Mars said...

Kia ora anon,

Yes I agree with you and i also think iwi have held the line and are the line in reality. I am suspicious of some of these spokespeople and I oppose 100% shares and share deals. This is not for sale for any price they may pay.