Tuesday, November 22, 2011

song in my head

I woke this morning with this song in my head - don't know why. After checking out some videos and discarding the Hole version, which I quite like, I decided to put up this one by Julie Driscoll. The video is beyond cool and there are many super funny aspects - like the massive solo and very quiet moments. Julie can sing, although i am concerned about her coat and, well, the dancing - it is difficult to dance in front of the camera like that I am sure so I'll not be too harsh. Great video and great song.


whanau4life said...

Must say, never heard that song before (I lead a sheltered musical life) and I couldn't tell if I was more disturbed by her or disturbed for you! I do agree she has a great voice though and I am loving the jacket!!

Marty Mars said...

I know - it was a funny song to have running around my head - Donovan first put it out in the late 60's I think and he has the classic version.

Makes a change from politics and anything to help clear the head has to be good.