Saturday, November 12, 2011

flailing banks

Epsom - well that is a big joke now isn't it, now that key has had his cup of tea with banks. it doesn't matter if it is called strategic or tactical voting there is something not quite right about it. Perhaps I wouldn't be so down on it if Hone and Pita had sorted out some of the same. I cannot understand anyone taking ACT seriously i mean, come on, look at them - brash, banks WTF - sorry I just cannot take them seriously but maybe banks will get in and his brand of nastiness will once again enter parliament - remember he has been a cabinet minister, a senior minister and then look at this -

it shows what sort of person banks is and he is the type of person who generalises about ethnicities to create fear and score political points - a racist and lowlife.

Hattip The Standard

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