Thursday, November 3, 2011

comfortably numbers

I watched the 'leaders' debate last night with four friends aged 16, 25, 36 and 41. Unsurprisingly there was some humour but we all came away saying - "what about the real issues" What about the environment, what about clean water and air, what about people. Key and Goff are deep within the dominant paradigm of 'economic growth', economic this and that and they concentrate around this area because it is safe for them, it is numbers - they don't want to talk about real issues - hell that might make the debate messy. So goff got the hits in and key got the hits in and the adversial system was the winner on the day. You a liar! No, you a liar! - guess what - they are both liars and one of them will be the figurehead for this country, the so-called leader and that made us all wish for a better world. 

If we don't stand up and fight for a better world, for people, then we are doomed to more of their useless lines and dismal future.

Time to go in a different direction.

Hat tip for video - Tumeke

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Ruahines said...

Kia ora Marty,
I had to switch it off. I have, nor ever have had, any intention of voting for either of these guys anyway.
Interesting in that yesterday I posted on my Facebook page a couple of photos of a strip mine in my home place of Wisconsin. It is a mine that has been reclaimed and the photo taken 9 years after the mine was gouged out of the earth over a 4 year period. The photo looks as though all is well, green and appearing next to the Flambeau river as if it were farmland and serenely flowing by. The problem is that all the water levels by this old mine, the river, streams, ponds are all highly toxic and dangerous. Fill and grass seed does not make a rape of the earth just go away. Yet, the right wing state government, like our government here, is in cahoots with the mining industry to further loosen standards to create "economic opportunity". Just as the gnats are here. And I would expect no better from labour. Our future lies with the "minor" parties, where the voices will begin to be heard. Kia kaha.