Sunday, November 27, 2011

some right some wrong

Well the people have spoken

My predictions and how they turned out

My pick

What happened
ACT gone
Banks elected in Epsom, 1.2% Party vote
1 MP
United Future gone
Dunne elected, below 1% Party vote
1 MP
NZF and Winston back 6%
6.8% Party vote
8 MP’s
Greens 13%
Mostly correct
10.6% Party vote
13 MP’s
Labour 28%
27.1% Party vote
34 MP’s
National 47%
48% Party vote
60 MP’s
Maori 2% (3 electorate)
1.4% Party vote
3 MP’s
Mana 4% (2 electorate)
1% Party vote
1 MP

So I picked part of the mood but overestimated how much influence Mana could exert for a brand new political movement.

The fact that goff didn’t resign on the night says everything about him – still in denial, still delusional. All of the deadwood Labour caucus should resign and give the party a chance to rebuild and get some credibility.

Key has got enough to govern and it doesn’t matter if the Māori Party vote with him or not – but they will.

I am very happy for the Greens – 13 MP’s that is amazing and will really make a difference – but the numbers are against them and we must remember that the agenda of National is very destructive indeed.

Go after beneficiaries and solo parents
Sell our assets
Mine and exploit our land and water

And so much more – I’m afraid we are in for a very bad time, a horrible time and 48% of people that voted, voted for it.

What to do?

What we always do, rebuild our strength and then go forth into the battle to fight for the rights of the oppressed and disadvantaged, to fight for equality and fairness, to fight for community and cooperation. That we will fight is a given – rest now friends, for your strength will be soon enough be called upon.


Anonymous said...

if its any comfort voter turnout is lowest it has been since the 19th century... so there's a lot of people who didn't vote nats! But yeah, I agree, hard times ahead.

btw, i really enjoy your blog.
(fellow ngai tahu)

PS did you read what Morgan's reported at Maui street about our Mark Solomon leading the charge for asset slaes?

Steve Julian said...

I feel for you guys over there. I truly believe the Right is a way of hate. No matter what political rationale they come up with, it is all about negativity. I feel bad for you guys. The right is going to hurt the people.

Marty Mars said...

Kia ora Pip

Thanks for your comment and heads up. The voter turnout is a worry but fertile ground for Mana to grow hopefully. All the best.

Kia ora Steve

Yes mate as you and pip have said - hard times ahead - the only answer is community and people working together. Kia kaha.