Tuesday, September 13, 2011

that tongue is forked

So John Key, the Prime Minister of this country, at the opening of the Rugby World Cup, chose not to say kia ora and acknowledge tangata whenua. He has admitted he just decided not to, even though, for the most generally part he does, and he is sure that most people know he can. He didn't think it was important or necessary. 

"I could have of course, and for the most part I generally do, but I decided not to on that occasion." 
The occasion was his big showpiece of this country - if that isn't an appropriate occasion then what is? But he most parts generally does so what are we to take from all this. He could have but didn't and for no good reason. He just doesn't give a shit? he doesn't have much between the ears? or he astucually wanted to make a point - that tangata whenua should be happy to allow our culture to be used as window dressing for the grand illusion and when the dust has all settled it will be back to business, back to pretending to care about Mäori whilst dismantling everything Mäori care about.

This going round sums it up
"Miss half a game of rugby because a train breaks down: personal apology from John Key and compensation up for discussion.
Have your doors kicked in, automatic rifles pointed at your kids, and four years of your life stolen because of police incompetence. Apology and compensation immediately ruled out."
The charges have been dropped but the hurt is still there, not just for those free but for the four still facing charges and for the Tuhoe people. The police came for terror and terror is what they created just as they planned but their plans have finally been just about stopped and the truth, while smothered in supression orders, will come out eventually. Thank you to all concerned who have helped and fought for the truth and thank to to all who continue that struggle. A great post from Joshua called Reflections on the invasion of Te Urewera.


Steve Julian said...

I read the articles on the 18 and think "wow". The state really wanted to burn these people and it did. A long period of time to go through. The PM sounds like ours, a person who does not like the Native people.

Marty Mars said...

yes Steve the state let everyone down terribly when they went on those terror raids - it's amazing how often indigenous people get scapegoated with these government tactics all around the world. Our PM is a shallow limelight-hugging vacant smiler, who lots like and vote for. He doesn't like tangata whenua, the poor or the disadvantaged - unless it gets him on TV.