Thursday, September 15, 2011

poor taste joker

Poor taste jokes aren't funny especially when they are loaded with all sorts of cultural superioity taints - hey it was just a joke - ha ha, what are you getting offended by - ha ha. The reality is that the joke teller is just reinforcing their prejudice - like this one from DPF

"I understand that for the first time ever, the Crown has filed a Treaty of Waitangi claim against an Iwi.
The Government is claiming that Ngai Tahu sold them dud land in Christchurch and they want Ngai Tahi to buy the land back :-)"
Yeah that is a big joke alright - sold them land - ripped them off and treated them like they didn't exist is truer 

Treaty 2 U
Before 1840, Ngāi Tahu held rights over much of Te Wai Pounamu (the South Island). But within decades, the government obtained vast tracts of Ngāi Tahu lands, paying a fraction of their worth and failing to deliver promised benefits of the purchases.
Go and have a read about Te Kerēme (The Claim) and how hard Ngāi Tahu have had to work to get any recognition of the grievance.

- and if you want to see why DPF posts this crap - read the comments - his gallery is baying.

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