Monday, September 26, 2011

spotting one

In one of my previous roles i worked as a general manager for a financial services company - you know investments and insurance. I reported to the board and at that time the market was suffering, so we were often below expectations. Tough - what to do? Well, what you do is put the best spin on it as possible - "yes we didn't get there, and this is what we are doing about it..." If you have a few quarters like that you get quite imaginative in composing spin, you have to. The point of that background is to say that when you have spun to save your life (however illusory when viewed from now) you recognise spin from others easily. The Prime Minister is spinning

there is optimism China's economy will remain strong and that will buffer New Zealand from the latest round of turmoil on global financial markets.
This turmoil is major indeed. And this is the financial system but the effects of peak oil with a loss of cheap energy coming, and climate change is obvious. For me, my critical analysis says that it is actually happening, we have reached a place in our time on this planet of critical juncture and our world is undergoing unheaval. Key's option of spinning is a cop out - the only one to 'save' us is us and that means not selling our land and resources to any bidder with the money. That means saying no to the exploiters who are mining and prospecting for oil and gas in our rohe. And it also means supporting community and unity, equality and empowerment. It is time for the past to lead us to the future. 

On a lighter note :)

Watch for the effects of major sunspot activity 

Universe Today
A highly active region on the Sun threatens to deliver powerful geomagnetic storms over the week ahead. Highly energetic solar eruptions are likely heading in our direction to give Earth’s magnetic field a significant glancing blow! Over the past few days the new sunspot AR1302 has been incredibly active, hurling massive X-class solar flares into space and it will soon face Earth.
jeepers another Carrington Event would stuff up the money go round, wouldn't it.


Ruahines said...

Kia ora Marty,
Well stated e hoa. When I get into "discussions" about these things with those whom blather on about "economic growth" and, or use the adjective "sustainable" before mining, drilling, exploring, fracking, felling, harvesting, ad nauseum, my eyes glaze over. It is here and it is now, and the time for bullshit double speak in maintaining this system is past.

Marty Mars said...

I'm with you brother.