Thursday, July 21, 2011

pretend happiness

Tariana Turia says she was pleased to see the Green Party on 10% in the latest poll and that Mana was on 0.5%. She says that The Greens are the true party of the left - this is a theme for her and i imagine it will be one of her 'lines' in the election.

“They are the ones that raise all the significant issues that the Mana Party says they have been established to take up here, the Greens do it on a daily basis. They are a great party when it comes to addressing the issues for the poor, for those who are part of the union movement, those who are out of work,” Mrs Turia says."
Yes the Greens are great but there is still a gap and Mana will cover that and work with the Greens to help the disadvantaged. The gap is Māori who are represented in the groups mentioned by turia and spurned by her party. Soon we will have two real parties of the left with good MP's in the House - and when that occurs the likes of turia will quake in their sheepskinned seats. Get ready it's already happening.


MikeM said...

Hey Marty. Offtopic and you can delete this comment, but as soon as I visited your site just now I got a web browser authentication popup demanding a username/password and saying "A user name and password are being requested by The site says: "Site being digitally altered, check back soon, Mauri ora!""

I'm using Firefox 5.0 on Windows 7, for what it's worth. You might have an embedded reference to another site that's stopped playing nicely, maybe only temporarily.

Country Lane said...

as usual Turia is blah blah blah. "They are the ones..."? Why aren't YOU the one Tariana. Because you're a fraud.

Scott said...

The Greens are a petty bourgeois party moving, like virtually every Green Party in history, steadily to the right. Sue Bradford predicted the other day that the party might well make a confidence and supply agreement with National after the election.

While the Greens have at various times tried to attract the votes of trade unionists and Maori activists, they've also shown their essentially reactionary character in numerous ways over the years. One small but significant example was the smugly racist speech Norman made a few years ago to a party conference:

Where the Greens do best in the very poshest electorates, like Wellington and Auckland Central, and have largely given up trying to connect with voters in places like South Auckland and South Dunedin, Mana is undeniably based in one of the poorest sectors of the working class. It is therefore less likely to follow the sort of rightward trajectory that the Greens, with their small business and 'lifestyle leftist' base, have taken.

On a different note, Marty: do you know who funds the giveaway paper called Maori News? I've found the last couple of issues up here in the local library, and both have seemed like extended advertisements for the Maori Party. Mana and Hone are bashed on every second page, but never seem to get the right of reply. In a recent guest column for Maori News Tariana attacks Hone and defends working with National by quoting - wait for it - Noam Chomsky! Talk about ideological dissonance...