Wednesday, July 20, 2011

it's life jim, but not as we know it

It’s hard to imagine how low some people will go sometimes – that is until they show you. don brash has shown us. During his debate with Pita Sharples on Native Affairs he pulled out the $50 and waved it in all our faces. Lew at Kiwipolitico remarked at the time
To appeal to Sir Apirana Ngata in a newspaper advertisement — as Brash did this weekend — is merely crass. To bring that actual visage in as a prop in an argument to dismantle the Aotearoa that Ngata and others had worked to build — that, as Sharples said, Ngata was criticised for being a “radical” by rich white guys like Don Brash — and seeking to imprint his divisive and offensive policies with Ngata’s mana is offensive to the man’s memory. To seek to take personal credit for Ngata’s mana being properly recognised — “I made the decision” — is obscene. To play a statesman’s memory like a chip on a weak hand at the last-chance saloon is no sort of respect. It is the ultimate “I’m not racist” gambit — “look, some of my best banknotes have Maaris on”.
Well don has gone further he is saying this about Sir Apirana Ngata, "In our current context, I'm confident he would feel his values were best embodied in the ACT Party's philosophy and policies.” I feel incensed with rage at that comment. Na Raihana expresses it well.

Na Raihana, the Maori Party's Ikaroa Rawhiti candidate, says Dr Brash's conjecture that Sir Apirana would be an ACT supporter if he were still alive is "despicable."
Despicable, obscene – take your pick. Nothing is sacred to brash – he is still trying to own Māori now, today. I loathe don brash.

The image is from a listener article by Diana Wichtel - well worth a read
We have one of those futile exchanges we’ll hear a lot of this year when the question of the unique place of Maori arises.
Brash: Who do you now mean?
Me(Diana): People who identify as Maori.
Brash: If I had one 32nd Maori, could I call myself Maori?
Me: Fine by me.
Brash: I discovered to my surprise when I was Governor of the Reserve Bank two of my senior colleagues were Ngai Tahu. I couldn’t tell. They look as European as I do.
Me: What do looks matter?
Brash: Okay, it doesn’t matter. But how do you define people who get the privilege?
Me: Privilege?
Notice his technique of shifting position when his pathetic racism against Māori is exposed. Classic.

The really sick thing is that brash will be back in parliament after the election and in a position of power. The gnats have done the deal in Epsom and will campaign for the Party votes while Act will campaign for the Electoral votes. The maori party have been set adrift by key. Labour with goff will get devastated and won’t be able to do anything – it will be up to Mana and the Greens to hold the line – they will be the impenetrable barrier to blunt their assault.

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