Tuesday, July 12, 2011

looking towards the light

Well I have watched Pita Sharples and Don Brash on Native Affairs and I do think Pita handled it well - he kept on his message and used it as a Party political broadcast and that doesn't bother me. As for the don - jeepers some history lessons would be good but nothing will assail his ivory tower - his mind is made up - end of story. Lew has a great post up at kiwipolitico on the debate and Phoebe at Tumeke calls it for Pita.

I noticed that Pita also once again mentioned the people coming up to him saying "go for it". In his letter to don brash he also said the same thing and that many were not Māori . Maybe that is a natural consistuency for the maori party. They could focus on getting the party vote from people who support their approach, whether Māori or not.

Hone was also good on Native Affairs and I'm looking forward to his visit to this region. I think it is time for Mana to ignore Labour and just get on with winning the hearts and minds of voters. The seats are there to be won, and the party vote too. Simple messages repeated that confirrm and affirm the kaupapa and the inclusiveness of the struggle. It's time to look towards the light.


Anonymous said...

I'm a right wing voter and staunchly Maori - that said I vote Maori because the kauapapa of an independent Maori voice is more important than right or left. If ACT had focused on the economic issues facing this country and targeted Nat voters on National's woeful economic performance, they'd have got my party vote (Pita my electorate). Instead they pulled out that utter crap on Friday. Un-freaking-believable. How to sign your own death warrant.

The right will not flock to ACT on this kaupapa. They will remain with National. And I'll remain with Maori.

Pita lacked any sort of finishing blow. Don was there for the taking. So I don't score it a win for Pita (damn it all).

And I don't like Hone - in fact can't stand him. But definitly score him the winner over Pem. Hone has cleverly shaped the narrative to make the Maori party look like the baddies (even though they aren't). In politics you don't let facts get in the way. Maori Party has not learnt this.

robertguyton said...

Things have heated up considerably Marty.
The Left has made enormous gains from this - we should celebrate the huge opportunity Ansell and Brash have given us. Key is struggling with CGT and revealing his weak side while at the same time having to try to damp down the hideous spectre of his buddies in the Act party, with whom he's happy to work, no matter that they're trying to incite racial disharmony right before our eyes.
Key doesn't give a toss, but most of us in the real world do. And we vote.

Marty Mars said...

Kia ora anon

yes I agree that ACT have made a mistake with this stuff and their voters will go to National. I think Pita showed his contempt for brash quite well but I would have liked to see brash lose his cool even more - who knows what he would say then.

The best thing is we have choice and that is one of the reasons I hope the maori party survives.

Kia ora Rob

Yes the roll on has started and bodes well indeed. Key's persona is failing and the nice guy act is wearing thin - at least I hope so!