Thursday, January 20, 2011

time for quiet heads

Hone - now is the time to taihoa, now is the time for quiet heads - do not be precipitate, do not instigate, do not make any more public statements. Let the world turn a bit and see what happens. If you are to be censured by the party - wait for them to do it. Let the cards fall - you have done all that needs to be done, for the moment. Do not be hasty - many victories have been lost by action when stillness is required.

The reason I say this to Hone is that I do not believe a left party has the legs, much as I'd welcome the move. If Hone is expelled from the maori party then fair enough, but the goal is to get the maori party on track and that will take some reshuffling at the top. You have the people behind you and your ancestors in front of you, kia kaha.

There is an alternative option which should be considered - a left maori party to compete with the existing maori party - that would get some votes, that would get some seats and that party would hold the balance of power and hold fast to the kaupapa. That party could be set up and it could get candidates and it could be ready for the elections this year. Maybe Matt McCarten could get behind that and Sue Bradford would be welcome too. 

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