Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I'm not voting for you

There are some facts of life around the maori party that we have to accept. sharples and turia have wedded themselves to the gnats and they aren't going anywhere. They should stand down - but they won't. The lines that the maori party have achieved much more by hanging with the gnats than by being in opposition, is true - to a point. Yes there have been some gains but the cost has been too high - the cost to mana and independence and the cost in votes - coming up. The maori party have stood by while iwi and maori have been insulted and ridiculed and they have done this deliberately so that they didn't upset the gnats. They have supported moves that disadvantaged maori and made life harder for many. sharples and turia have been sucked in and they don't even realise it. They actually think the gnats like them but the gnats like the support and the votes and they would scrape them off like shit from a shoe given the opportunity - like nearer the election for instance after a poll comes out. What will sharples and turia do then apart from cry and knash their teeth? Too late - who cares.

The smiley leadership of the maori party think it is all a big joke - the opposition to them via Hone, the multiple submissions on their shit replacement for the F&S Act but they are in for a big shock because they will shed votes as maori realise what a disappointing joke they are.

As a previous maori party supporter I will not give any of my two votes to them.

I have completed the maori party survey so that are fully aware of my views.


kim said...

Yeah, have to agree. sad ay. All they had to do was keep listening to Maori, but apparently they get better advice from their mates in government.

Marty Mars said...

Yes Kim it is sad beyond words really.

Anonymous said...

thank you for linking to the Maori Party survey. I enjoyed filling it in. I decided some time ago not to vote for them anymore and I'm encouraging my whanau not to either!

Anonymous said...

I understand how you feel but I don't want to give up on them yet. I don't think they're corrupt or power-mad, they must be under a lot of pressure from the media and trying not to provoke pakeha but the have forgotten who they represent. They need our suppprt to bring them back on track. I feel there is a backlash against Maori growing more and more, NZ wants to get rid of maori seats and crush maori sovereignty, we are going to need a party more than ever. I feel if we f*ck up this party we won't get another chance, the end of the maori party will be the end of maori representation in nz and pakeha will say too bad, we had our chance and we wasted it. If not them then nobody will represent maori, it is really important they have to pull themselves together.

They know EVERYBODY is against the renamed foreshore & seabed act, I can't believe they will go through with it. I hope Hone can make them listen. I will stay with the maori party as long as Hone stays and I hope they will do the right thing..

robertguyton said...

A Maori Party/Green Party alliance is the only viable option, if integrity and mana are truly held as high as we are led to believe.
Tariana would oppose such an arrangement and therein lies a big problem.

KjT said...

GO Marty.

I am sure you are not the only one to be disgusted that Maori moneyocracy has joined the Pakeha one in ripping us all off.

I think part of many Pakeha working class and middle class opposition to Maori sovereignty is they do not feel the have any power also. Making them reluctant to grant to Maori a power over their own future that they do not have themselves.

Most New Zealanders are being fleeced by the current politicians in power.