Thursday, January 27, 2011

the greater good

I am against the privatisation, even partly, of state assets. These energy companies already charge too much and bringing more profit motive won't help that. Of course to generate profit you can either increase revenue or decrease costs (in the guise of creating efficiency). Doesn't decreasing costs lead to redundancies and the like. Don't you increase revenue by raising prices?

Key has put the carrots out there of 'mum and dad' investors but they already own state assets and they won't be the investors it will be the corporates. He also mentioned that maori could buy in - and our Kaiwhakahaere has come out very, very, very quickly with a "yes it's a good idea."
Ngai Tahu says it supports the plan because it could be good for iwi investors.
Kaiwhakahaere Mark Solomon says the privatisations of Government assets - such as New Zealand Rail - in the 1980s and 90s were poorly handled. But he says this proposal is a new chapter.
So Ngai Tahu as a corporate investor buy in and prices go up - what then - we make profit from others difficulty, even our own people?

The old 'if we don't someone else will' argument will be put - it is illusion and false hopes. It suits the agenda to have maori capitalists - they just support the system of oppression and make money while their cousins struggle on nothing.

80% oppose state assets - including many Ngai Tahu whanui.

The Standard have come out with some strong posts outling the reasons this selling of the family jewels is crazy. Here, here and here.


Anonymous said...

Kia ora Marty

I am a little curious as to why you seem against Ngai Tahu particpating in the economy of the nation and, by doing so, generating economic wealth to return to its members and, as a by product, having the economic clout to be a social and political force within their own region.

Why should iwi not aspire to owning the assets built on their lands by the settlor government. Some of them have very good stable returns with minimal risk.

My main concern with iwi investing in such assets is that the Crown can change the rules whenever it likes. Take Meridian, spent a fortune developing a clean energy brand only to have the Ministers force them to sell the Waitaki hydro dams and buy the antiquated coal and gas fired Huntly power station.

Surely our concerns should not be about whether these assets are sold or not - but who they are sold to? Why not make iwi and New Zealand individuals the only eligible owners, and restrict the size of the share-holding to individuals to ensure that all New Zealanders have a fair chance at truly owning a stake in these assets?

Marty Mars said...

kia ora anon

I am not against Ngai Tahu participating in the economy - I welcome it and want more of it but I do have issues with what that participation is. I know I am not a lone voice in that.

You raise a good point about changing the rules - the recent DOC episode with Te Waihora is a good example where all of the goodwill, all of the hongi went out the window when maori, potentially, were in the way. It happens all the time.

I am opposed to mining and pollution and oppression of those less fortunate. I believe in fairness and equality and I think if we trusted our own ethos more we would come up with innovative ideas that will grow the putea, protect the people and the environment, and strengthen our iwi.

Perhaps if the noise is loud enough then the powers that be may consider your idea of who can buy the assets. It is a reasonable idea with merit in my view, but I'll still oppose asset sales because I just think it is a big mistake.

Steve Julian said...

If you can find the documentary about Montana Power, it will show what happens with public goods becoming private. Goldman Sacs are criminals.
Many people have it wrong. Economics is not the measurement of doing good, it is the Spirit of the Nation that is the real measurement.
When Original people can hang onto their beliefs, that will be the foundation of a successful Nation.

Steve Julian said...
Gives an outline of what happens.

Steve Julian said...

You can watch it online. It will open your eyes. Can people learn from mistakes. It is about Greed.

Marty Mars said...

Thanks for that link Steve - I have just watched power brokers and it tells it like it is. The amount of manipulation, deceit and greed is shocking. Like over there we have many vested interests who are working behind the scenes for their own gain - I hope we don't have to go through the disaster that occured in Montana. The swift transition from seemly harmless and good into nasty and destructive happened in Montana and it will happen here - it's how they work.

Ruahines said...

Kia ora Marty,
I just watched Steve's link as well. We should be very very afraid of where this is all heading. The corporates and good ol' boys network will rubbing there hands together in glee and greed. The thing is it has happened before here! Spin words like "mum and dad" investors should insult us all. I don't know a lot of mums or dads with much spare cash to invest these days, except in a few extra priceless items like bread,cheese, and milk. The main beneficiaries of the gnats tax cuts were the rich, getting hundreds back per week in many cases. I guess those are the mums and dads Keys is on about. same old shite! Great link Steve, well worth the watch. Kia kaha!

Arto Dostoyevsky said...

A good opportunity for mum n dad investors? Didn't mum n dad n everyone else already pay pay for those assets long ago?