Wednesday, January 12, 2011

loved ones lost

There are many people suffering catastrophic natural events around the world at the moment. In Australia there are fires in the west and floods in the east. The floods have wiped out communities and killed people. Are we going to become desensitised to all of the suffering. The floods, the fires, the earthquakes, the mudslides, the volcanoes, the snow, the droughts, the tsunami's and everything else going on. I don't think we will even if we try to because there are going to be more and more of these events and within all of them are people - like you and me - fighting for their lives and their loved ones. This story made me cry - the horrible last moments for this boy and his mother can barely be comprehended and even then it is just too much to fathom.

Toowoomba boy Jordan Rice, 13, has been remembered as a hero after he let his younger brother be rescued first, seconds before he and his mother Donna were swept to their deaths in the CBD.
Ms Rice, and sons Jordan, 13, and Blake, 10, were driving at the intersection of James and Kitchener streets about 2pm on Monday when they drove through water which at the time was only up to their car wheels.
However, their car engine stopped and Ms Rice called triple zero for help. She was unable to call anyone else as she had no phone credit.
The triple zero operator told the family to stay put and they were forced to climb on to the roof of their car after the floodwater rose rapidly.
A old scrawny guy grabbed a bit of rope, wrapped it around himself and jumped in," Mr Tyson said.
"Jordan can't swim and is terrified of water.
"But when the man went to rescue him, he said 'save my brother first'."
Mr Tyson, the father of the boys and partner of Ms Rice for 28 years said the man rescued Blake and tried to tie the rope around Jordan and Ms Rice but it broke.
They were swept downstream. The pair was able to briefly cling on to a tree, but was overcome by the force of raging floodwaters.
What a very brave boy. My heart goes out to Mr Tyson and his son that survived and to all families that have lost loved ones.

Within every disaster there are stories and accounts like this - for every person lost there are the family and friends left behind. The people lost are remembered and we are part of the remembering.

The water is still rising and this disaster is still unfolding. Kia kaha to all.

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Steve Julian said...

Have been watching the news and it is powerful, mighty, tragic all in one. I see people by the side of the river as the river rushes by pushing cars down the ways. Unreal is all you can say. And I hear it is going to hit one major city next. All they can do is tell people to try and get away. Where you wonder.