Sunday, March 29, 2009

Matakahi - A Great Ngai Tahu Holdings initative

These cadetships for young Ngai Tahu are fantastic. I'd like to see them increased at least 10 fold. The way to grow talent is to nurture it, safely in a nest. We have the best training ground around for our people - within our own organisation. Good on Holdings for developing this idea and actually doing it - can't wait to see what else is coming up.

These are the words describing the kaupapa

"Matakahi means a wedge, used to describe our kaupapa to support the growth of future Ngāi Tahu business leaders, strong in both their culture and in commerce.
Since the Ngāi Tahu settlement our iwi have grown the tribal pūtea and are significant players in the investment, property, tourism and seafood sectors. So if you are Ngāi Tahu and are interested in a career in commerce, then your iwi is interested in you!"

It also has both maori and english to help us learn the language. I'm rateing this A+.

Only 875 hits on the website so far - lots more of our people need to know about this.

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