Thursday, March 26, 2009

Harrison gone - my guitar isn't weeping

News that Andrew Harrison COO for Ngai Tahu Holdings has resigned doesn't really bother me. I thank him and his whanau for the mahi, all the best for the future.

Now, who will be replacing him (Ngai Tahu whanui or not? - it is a retorical question because why would they want to promote their own, they haven't done it so far) and is this where the battles are being fought now, in the boardroom? Once the 'Gray report" put the crosshairs on him it was only a matter of time. Who next? - I bet they are not very comfortable and even more so now that every company in NZ is considering who to dump because of the economic nightmare coming.

Hmmmm - If it was a game of chess it could look like one side has taken 3 pieces (and not pawns) and the other side still has to get a big piece. The collective may have taken more of the incumbents pawns but you really need the bigger pieces otherwise you get creamed towards the middle and end of the match.

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