Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Awarua - is it a bluff?

I note that restrictions are being placed upon those welcome to attend the hui down south. I am not sure whether this will really benefit the collective because it might create an illusion about their support. (When you have secret meetings and you get worked up about things then you can actually believe that everyone thinks like you).

Sure they will have the numbers and Mark will be walking into the 'enemy camp'. I am also sure that Tikanga will be observed, everyone will have their say... and nothing will change. All entrenched views will stay entrenched. Perhaps the kanohi ki te kanohi aspect will help, but we have already seen the non-results of that from Kaikoura.

Perhaps this will be the big battle - which might mean we are nearing the end of the beginning or the beginning of the end!


Hateatea said...

It wasn't a 'secret meeting' nor was the invitation list extremely limited given that about half the iwi membership was probably eligible to attend.

What it was not was a 'taumata korero' as promoted on the Ngāi Tahu website as it was a meeting called by Awarua not organised by the Kaiwhakahaere or OTRONT.

It was as successful a hui as any such might be and it remains to be seen if any changes ensue because of it. Of course, that lies with TRONT, the Kaiwhakahaere and OTRONT rather than with Awarua alone

Marty Mars said...

Good points

My point about the 'secret' meeting really related to the 'collective' meeting at Arowhenua and also the 'secret' meeting that Mark and some TRONT reps had (assuming it's true).

If you restrict who can attend a hui then I agree that doesn't necessarily imply secrecy.

I have not heard too much about the hui in Awarua other than tikanga was observed and everyone was able to have their say... which is great but doesn't really move us closer to getting all the paddlers in our waka to paddle in unison.

I fear that we might need another forum to lay the issues to rest once and for all (if they ever can be).

And my other concern is the elections are coming up... are these issues going to be sorted by then?

We can't even vote off anyone, if we don't agree with them, but then again we can't even vote for them, if we do agree with them...

and finally I congratulate Awarua for inviting the Kaiwhakahaere down and giving all parties the chance to talk it through.