Tuesday, October 4, 2011

forsdick - you don't fit in here

It’s hard to believe that there are still people in our community who have so little idea of Māori values and society that they don’t even understand moko. These people exclude Māori with moko and treat them as aliens and not of their society. Forsdick is an example where he kicked out a person wearing a moko - the pub had just been refurbished...

On Saturday, Tunahau Kohu went to the Parklands Tavern and Woodpecker Resturant (Christchurch), with his partner. He said he was approached by a member of staff as he sat down to watch Australia play Russia in a Rugby World Cup match at 3.30pm, and was told to leave because the business did not allow people with facial and neck tattoos on site.
'They said it is their policy that they don't allow people with facial tattoos.  I tried to explain that my moko isn't a facial tattoo - every line and circle has a meaning to it. ''They said if I didn't leave they would ring the police.  They weren't interested in my explanation of what it meant."
Of course they never considered the insult to the mana of Tunahau Kohu either because they are witless about that concept too. We get 2 or 3 of these incidents reported in the MSM every year and it happens every week in reality. Racial profiling and not just Māori who wear their moko but anyone brown as this news story showed. 

The explanation by the manager of the pub is illuminating
Following recent refurbishments Manager Allan Forsdick said he, and owner Louis Vieceli, had tightened the dress code, meaning nobody with facial or neck tattoos would be allowed into the establishment. He said "two or three people with facial tattoos were also asked to leave'' the premises on Saturday.
''This is not a racial issue.  This is about making our premises and our environment be one that is welcoming for all clientele.''
Yes no racial issue here and welcoming we will be, as long as you fit in of course. That’s the big joke forsdick – you don’t fit in here, your attitude is disgusting and your ignorance is no excuse. So what does your association say
New Zealand Hospitality Association chief executive Bruce Robertson said "bars are entitled to eject anyone they wish, although it can't be based on ethnicity, gender or disability". Asked whether mokos should be treated like regular facial tattoos in bars where there were policies against facial tattoos, Robertson said there were several factors that needed to be considered.
"It does depend. It depends on the nature of the moko, its authenticity and whether there were other issues involved."
Great – so bruce is going to authenticate moko now – give me a break! - Several factors to be considered? Hey here’s an idea – why don’t you get off your arse and learn something about Māori culture and moko - then you can improve your organisation and your members attitudes – you know, explain to them where they are and who tangata whenua are. But no, I doubt that will happen and the forsdicks of our world will continue to treat people as lessor because of their race and/or ethnicity.


Anonymous said...

have you read some of the comments that have been left on facebook pages regarding this. . . there are far more racist comments towards pakeha from maori not only racist but a lot of threats of violence etc. . . no honour there.

Anonymous said...

My comment has been deleted, again I say some of the comments made towards pakeha by maori on facebock pages regarding this issue are so beyond racist, there are threats of violence and worse. . . Im pretty sure a man who has the mana and honour to deserve ta moko would not be proud of people trying to bring this issue to light, with more racism and violence.

Moko Art said...

I'm really shocked to read this! Really hard to believe that people like them are still living in the 21th century. Just funny not to be so serious. Problem is the lack of education.

Marty Mars said...

Sorry anon you weren't deleted just in spam. In regards to your point - yep violence isn't a solution but the anger felt by many is real.

Kia ora Moko Art - love your website, and I agree that education is the answer.