Wednesday, March 30, 2011

courageous women

Courage - speaking the truth, even at great risk - being afraid and doing it anyway. I remember another saying that I'm going to redo - a display of courage worries the weak and inspires the strong. Be inspired by the courage of Veena Malik

From Archive Fire
What is truly amazing is that, in Pakistan, Malik is probably risking her life not only speaking to a mullah this way, but completely ripping through his illogical rants with undeniable passion and intelligence. What a courageous person:

I agree with Michael.

There are some truths we struggle to accept and oppression of women is one. Patriarchy is insidiously everywhere - here, as well as there. It is so much a part of the fabric of our society that we hardly notice it - men that is, women notice it of course, because they are living under it's oppression every day of the year. How can men support women in their struggle for equal rights? Listen and learn is my advice - don't think that your view is required - I know it is hard, men often believe that it is an expression of empathy to talk about how they feel about it, but that is not correct actually. It is a derailing technique that men often unconsciously use. I find if you read the comments and listen to the arguments you can learn a lot.

This post from QoT on The Standard is worth reading to learn about an issue that, as men we may not have considered and that is - that women have the absolute right to have control over their bodies, just as men do. The absolute right to be equal and make decisions for themselves. It is the bottom line. I recommend  QoT's blog it is awesome.

Of course there is a place for men's views in debates like this, but many of the points raised by men are red herrings and irrelevant - read the post from QoT and see if you can spot men who support the right of women to be equal and those who derail - such as raising the 'tone argument' - "you're angry, you're emotional, you are hurting your cause, you are alienating allies" and so on. I really recommend reading 'derailing for dummies' - it is a must-read for bloggers and commenters.

I cannot half-support equality - it is not my nature. As men we need to front up to the privilege we enjoy as men, in our patriarchal society. It takes women of courage to open our ears and close our mouths.


Zia Wolf-Sun said...

Another excellent post :) But this particular one struck an especially strong chord with me. I live in a largely Muslim community and there are times the inequality between men and women here really infuriates me. I am not a woman who is prepared to be subjucated (did I spell that right? lol It looks wrong!) to any man, and plenty have tried,we should respect one another and treat each other as equals. We have different strengths and qualities which in the right combination can enhance both parties. I respect you for what you wrote in this post. I have met few men who have the courage and strength of character to voice these kind of thoughts much less even consider the possiblities. Thank you for posting "courageous women". I feel most inspired now! And you have restored my faith in man a little :)

Marty Mars said...

Kia ora Zia,

Thanks for your comment I really appreciate it. Kia kaha (stay strong)